Unique Place in the World

1. Greenland

B-15 iceberg was the largest iceberg in recorded history. The wide reach 3100 km, making it larger than the island of Jamaica. Giant iceberg is due to fault Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000. Then in 2003, iceberg B-15 was again split into several pieces, one of the largest is called B-15a drifting north, eventually crushed into the glacier in 2005, leaving a fault along the 8 km. This makes a big change in the map of Antarctica and demand must be revised (map).

Some washed up along the coast eventually foundered. In 2006, hurricanes in Alaska, menyebbakan ocean waves that pass up to 13,500 km for 6 days to Antarctica, and separating the fragments remaining fraction became more and more. Nearly a decade passed, the parts of the iceberg was still not fully liquid, the biggest part still considered sebagaii B-15a, with the vast field reached 1700 km. The picture above is an iceberg called B-15a after drifting into the Drygalski Glacier (bottom), his final break it into several pieces.

2. Meteor Crater, USA

Meteor Crater is a crater formed by meteorite fall. Located about 43 miles (69 km) east of Flagstaff, near Winslow in the northern Arizona desert United States. The place was called Meteor Crater because it was close to the post office name. Meteor Crater was reputedly formed since 50,000 years ago during the Pleistocene era when the local climate becamecooler and wetter. At that time there was a vast prairie and forest inhabited by woollymammoths, giant mashed slow loris, and camels. Perhaps the area was not yet in humanhabitation. A fallen meteor containing nickel and a crater of 50 cashew

3. The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan
This place is probably already all know, at least have read about or see the pictures. It's no wonder because the natural phenomenon in Turkmenistan is somewhat unique. People call it 'the Gates of Hell "because of the crater as wide as 70 meters out the fire which continuously since last 35 years. Starting from 1971 in which the geologist member regionto look for mine gas. What happens then is a burst of fire from below the continuous, evenswallowed all their equipment. The geologist was no one dared to go down into the craterpoisonous. You can see it on Google Earth at 40 ° 15'8 "N 58 ° 26'23" E.

4. Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is a seaside town south of the lake with the same name. Precisely at bay Plenty,north island of New Zealand. The uniqueness of the region is the number of pools of hot springs, especially Pohutu Geyser at Whakarewarewa, and mud boiling mud. The area wasa unique and interesting, so much visited by tourists.

5. Socotra, Republic of Yemen
Socotra place oddest and most unique in the world. Almost all who were there seem strange, from the shape of a tree and its environment, it's no wonder many are callingSocotra in the Republic of Yemen as one of the alien nest in the world. The place is veryisolated, dry climates other than the other. This anomaly could be the cause of plant life oranything on there grew strange. Call it a well-known plants such as the Dragon's Blood Treeis strange, very unusual shape, looks like paying. This tree produces red sap. There alsoexist animals native animals, such as birds, spiders and other native animals. Not to mention also coral rocks, which form is not common and there on the island. With all thestrangeness content of the island, do not be surprised if Socotra, an island at sea arab,entry in the World Heritage Heritage.

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